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Sooho SON
Founder, Korean Attorney 

  • Graduate School, Korea University (LL.D. in Commercial Law, 2022)
  • School of Law, Korea University (J.D., 2012)
  • College of Law, Korea University (LL.B., 2006)
  • Certified Tax Accountant, Republic of Korea (2017)
  • Admitted to Bar, Republic of Korea (2012)

Current Positions

  • Managing Partner, SON & PARTNERS (2021-Present)
  • Legal Counsel, Lotus Investment JSC (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam) (2023-Present)
  • Legal Counsel, SK Telecom Co., Ltd. (2020-Present)
  • Legal Counsel, INCHEON UNITED FC (2019-Present)
  • Representative Director, HIDDEN-K Co., Ltd. (2021-Present)
  • Regulation Examiner, Korean Sports & Olympic Committee (2020-Present)
  • Member, Player’s Salary Arbitration Committee, Korea Professional Football League(K League)  (2020-Present)
  • Member, JIHYUCK Sports Law & Management Center (2020-Present)
  • Chief Researcher, JISAN Corporate Law Institute (2017-Present)
Previous Positions
  • Representative, Korean Bar Association (2017-2018)
  • Researcher, Korea University Maritime Law Center (2017-2018)
  • Managing Partner, HYUNJAI LLC Gangnam (2015-2021)
  • Partner, HYUNJAI LLC (2014-2015)
  • Special Advisor, Enhanceko M&A (2008-2009)
  • Insurance & Legal Department, SK Shipping Co., Ltd. (2006-2008)
Doctoral Dissertation
  • Sooho SON, (2022). A Study on Liquidated Damages and Penalty in the Shipping and Shipbuilding Industry -Particularly Regarding the Legal Nature of Demurrage as Special Compensation for Damages. Korea University.
  • Sooho SON, (2021). Special Purpose Company(SPC) to Own the Vessel and Protection of Creditors -Grounding Accident of M/V EVER GIVEN and Suez Canal Blockage. Dankook Law Review, 45(3) 329-370
  • Sooho SON, (2018). Governing law on the third parties’ right of direct action against the insurer of maritime liability insurance. Case Review, 32(1) 132-149. Seoul Bar Association
  • Sooho SON, (2017). Compulsory Execution against M/V HANJIN XIAMEN on Bareboat Charter Hire Purchase & Rehabilitation Procedures in Korea. Case Review, 31(1) 124-135. Seoul Bar Association
  • Sooho SON, (2016). Governing law on time charterers’ rescission of time charters contains foreign factors for the future & ship owners’ damages. Case Review, 30(1) 80-94. Seoul Bar Association
  • Sooho SON, (2015). Whether Insurance Contract with English Governing Law is subject to Korean ‘Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions’. Case Review, 29(1) 110-127. Seoul Bar Association
  • Sooho SON, (2014). The burden of Medical Expenses Incurred after the Decision to Withdrawal from Life-Sustaining Treatment. Lawyer, 46(1) 171-179. Seoul Bar Association
  • Sooho SON, (2021). It’s Not Easy to Like People. Brain Store
  • Sooho SON, Co-Author, (2021). 2021 K-League Scouting Report. Brain Store
  • Sooho SON, Co-Author, (2021). What Attracted Us to This Place, Incheon? Book and Fire Moths
  • Sooho SON, Co-Author, (2020). 2020 K-League Scouting Report. Brain Store
Public and Professional Services
Research Collaborations
  • Sooho SON, Co-Author, (2019). Hanjin Shipping Bankruptcy White Paper. Korea Shipowners’ Association
  • Sooho SON, Co-Author, (2015). A Study on the Calculation Criteria for the Rate of Provision of Causes of Fishing Vessel Collision Accidents. National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives
Invited Presentations
  • Sooho SON, (2023). How did our neighbors become murderers? TV Lecture Show on tvN, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Sooho SON, (2022). There Is No Perfect Trial in the Real World (Limitations of Trial due to Human Limitations). TV Lecture Show on tvN, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Sooho SON, (2015). Public Interest Litigation in Maritime Environment Pollution in Korea. The 8th East Asia Maritime Law Forum, Dalian, China
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